Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Morning Stroll

Changed up the normal routine today. I've been having some back pain and just the, normal for me, exercise slump that I get about 6-7 weeks in to an intense training regime. After talking with Michelle we decided an insanity break was in order and we'd just run or whatever this week. So today we took a walk with our boys.
I must say my 2 have packed on some pounds since I last hauled them in my double jogger a year or more ago! They rode for about 1 1/2 miles before they wanted out to explore. Sawyer walked for a few minutes and decided riding in his chariot was more his style. Jarrett and Caleb ran, giggled, and yelled with each other. Stopping at all the plaques along the trail which tell about certain trees/plants. But today they were treasure maps!

This was an actual map, they were deciding which treasure path to take.

Was so nice just to walk around, break a sweat, use muscles not normally used. I'm telling you it's easier for me to just run than speed walk!
Then a couple hours after we got back a treasure was left on my front porch...

My new shoes arrived! I Wore them some today and think I like them! Will test run them tomorrow. Oh, and I LOVE the color!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Bree!!!

Yesterday was Breeana's 6th Birthday.

Bree started off her day with the promised Birthday spankings from Poppy! She giggled the whole time. Poppy sometimes forgets what comes after 3 and had to start over a few times :)

We got to have her friends birthday party on her real birthday this year and she was super excited.

She decided to have a make over party.

I threw together this sign for the front door. It's not perfect, but Bree thought I was the best artist in the world!

We invited 7 friends and 6 got to come. While we waited for friends to arrive we made candy necklaces. Then the primping began. Make up, Mani's, Pedi's, and hair was on the agenda.

Ashley came to Woodward to help with make up, Michelle was the nail artist, and I did hair. Thankfully the girls all wanted this simple updo I had practiced on my own hair that morning!

After getting pretty we ate cupcakes, opened gifts, and then they danced and went crazy til it was time to go home! Here are some pics of Bree's fun day!

And with Ashley came 2 very special guests...

Miss Jaxxi, she's oh so sweet, but also oh so ornery! And a precious little 1 week old baby girl they are fostering right now.

Bree got in some sweet baby loving too.

My hands, house, and heart have been overflowing this weekend and I have loved every minute!

Oh and just to mention my while Ash was feeding Jaxxi and I was dressing baby I heard them in the bathroom. This is what they were up to...

Partners in Crime!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 years old (7 days late)

Sawyer turned 2 February 15! For his special day we got donuts to take to the church for him and his friends to eat while us mom's did Insanity. After that we went to Walmart and got popcorn chicken, another of Saucy's favorites, and cupcakes.

We finished off the night with Daddy coming home from work out if town to spend a couple hours with the Birthday boy!

It's seems like in the past 7 days Sawyer has gone from babyish to big boy. He's interested in potty training, we are working on taking his beloved binky away. He made it from 8:30-1:30 without it today and believe me that's a long time for him!

More words are entering his vocabulary. I'm going to list all of them as this is his baby book!

Gaga (dada)
Nonya (Nonny)
BopBop (Poppy)
Boon (balloon)
Mink Mink (Bink)
Nite Nite
Gogo (yogurt)

Thats all I can remember right now. I've been a bit emotional at times about my baby growing up. This is the first time in 6 years I haven't either been pregnant or have a baby in my house. Although the thought of no more diapers is wonderful, I miss having a baby. Then I remember how tired I am at the end of each day and how ornery my three are and the thought of another baby leaves as fast as it came!!!

Anyway, I have to say Sawyer is by far the most challenging of my three. He's ornery, messy, demanding, likes to pick on Bub and Sis, did I mention ornery? However, he's also a pretty cuddly, sweet, a momma's boy. I wouldn't change anything about him and I'm bracing for what he has in store for me this year!

- Tisha

Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday's Everywhere!

The kids and I left Friday with my parents to head east and celebrate some birthdays. First up was a surprise party Friday night for my aunt Sherri's 50th! We ate, played games, and karaoked at my cousin Andy's house.
Saturday we celebrated Miss Jaxxi's first birthday! Ashley did great on her party. I have no pics, but I'm sure Ash will post some on her blog .
Sunday was Bree and Saw's day with Scott's side of our family. To start the day Scott and I took Bree to build a bear. Aunt Crystal and cousin Kimmy joined in the fun too!


Finished product!

My friend Robin made cakes for Bree and Saw. She just keeps getting better and better!
Bree got a Barbie cake. She loved it.

Sayers was Mickey Mouse. His favorite right now!

Bree got a High Monster Girl Car and a DS lite. However, the highlight of her weekend was discovering she has a loose tooth!!

Sawyer got a helicopter toy and a little trampoline.

All three kids love this toy!

Was a busy whirlwind weekend full of parties and cake! I have one more party to go. Bree's friend party on the 25th. She talked me into inviting 7 friends! So next weekend won't be relaxing either!
(I've been mia in the blogging world for a couple months. I dropped my iPhone in the tonier mid December. I blog from my phone and since I was using an old iPhone that froze up all the time I couldn't blog. Hubby bought me a new phone this weekend so I'll be back to regular scheduled blogging!)