Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Morning Stroll

Changed up the normal routine today. I've been having some back pain and just the, normal for me, exercise slump that I get about 6-7 weeks in to an intense training regime. After talking with Michelle we decided an insanity break was in order and we'd just run or whatever this week. So today we took a walk with our boys.
I must say my 2 have packed on some pounds since I last hauled them in my double jogger a year or more ago! They rode for about 1 1/2 miles before they wanted out to explore. Sawyer walked for a few minutes and decided riding in his chariot was more his style. Jarrett and Caleb ran, giggled, and yelled with each other. Stopping at all the plaques along the trail which tell about certain trees/plants. But today they were treasure maps!

This was an actual map, they were deciding which treasure path to take.

Was so nice just to walk around, break a sweat, use muscles not normally used. I'm telling you it's easier for me to just run than speed walk!
Then a couple hours after we got back a treasure was left on my front porch...

My new shoes arrived! I Wore them some today and think I like them! Will test run them tomorrow. Oh, and I LOVE the color!!

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