Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday's Everywhere!

The kids and I left Friday with my parents to head east and celebrate some birthdays. First up was a surprise party Friday night for my aunt Sherri's 50th! We ate, played games, and karaoked at my cousin Andy's house.
Saturday we celebrated Miss Jaxxi's first birthday! Ashley did great on her party. I have no pics, but I'm sure Ash will post some on her blog .
Sunday was Bree and Saw's day with Scott's side of our family. To start the day Scott and I took Bree to build a bear. Aunt Crystal and cousin Kimmy joined in the fun too!


Finished product!

My friend Robin made cakes for Bree and Saw. She just keeps getting better and better!
Bree got a Barbie cake. She loved it.

Sayers was Mickey Mouse. His favorite right now!

Bree got a High Monster Girl Car and a DS lite. However, the highlight of her weekend was discovering she has a loose tooth!!

Sawyer got a helicopter toy and a little trampoline.

All three kids love this toy!

Was a busy whirlwind weekend full of parties and cake! I have one more party to go. Bree's friend party on the 25th. She talked me into inviting 7 friends! So next weekend won't be relaxing either!
(I've been mia in the blogging world for a couple months. I dropped my iPhone in the tonier mid December. I blog from my phone and since I was using an old iPhone that froze up all the time I couldn't blog. Hubby bought me a new phone this weekend so I'll be back to regular scheduled blogging!)

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