Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Bree!!!

Yesterday was Breeana's 6th Birthday.

Bree started off her day with the promised Birthday spankings from Poppy! She giggled the whole time. Poppy sometimes forgets what comes after 3 and had to start over a few times :)

We got to have her friends birthday party on her real birthday this year and she was super excited.

She decided to have a make over party.

I threw together this sign for the front door. It's not perfect, but Bree thought I was the best artist in the world!

We invited 7 friends and 6 got to come. While we waited for friends to arrive we made candy necklaces. Then the primping began. Make up, Mani's, Pedi's, and hair was on the agenda.

Ashley came to Woodward to help with make up, Michelle was the nail artist, and I did hair. Thankfully the girls all wanted this simple updo I had practiced on my own hair that morning!

After getting pretty we ate cupcakes, opened gifts, and then they danced and went crazy til it was time to go home! Here are some pics of Bree's fun day!

And with Ashley came 2 very special guests...

Miss Jaxxi, she's oh so sweet, but also oh so ornery! And a precious little 1 week old baby girl they are fostering right now.

Bree got in some sweet baby loving too.

My hands, house, and heart have been overflowing this weekend and I have loved every minute!

Oh and just to mention my while Ash was feeding Jaxxi and I was dressing baby I heard them in the bathroom. This is what they were up to...

Partners in Crime!!!

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