Friday, August 29, 2008

Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend

My Nan, Aunt Sandy, Cousin Kennedy, Papa Guy, and Bree and Jarrett's 2nd Aunt Kassie are all coming this weekend. Papa Guy is coming b/c Scott, him, and, my dad are going to the OU game tomorrow. Kassie is really coming to see her sister Ash, but I like to think she comes to see me to :) and my nan, aunt, and cousin say they are coming to see me, but in all reality they come for the kids!!! Anyway just wanted to say "Have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!!!" I was going to end with a pic, but I haven't been so great in that department lately! Maybe I will take some this weekend!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Much Better Night

Well, Jarrett went down at 9. I went to bed with Bree at 9:30 and after just ignoring her she was asleep by 10:30. Maybe tonight will take less time. By the time she was asleep Jarrett was up, but he was just hungry and went right back to bed. Aside from a feeding for him at 6 am. We all slept until 9, bree til 9:30. So I am a rested Mommy ready for the battle today!! Bree will take a nap today unlike yesterday and we will start to bed around 9:30. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. Sometimes us mommies need that. Especially when we start to feel so out of touch with the world. Thus the reason I will start going to MOPS on the 24th (I would love to go the 10th but doc appointment at 10:15 SHOTS yuck)

Also, do any of you know if Bree should have a well baby check at 2 1/ 2 or is the next one at 3 yrs.? Since doc evans left I am just out of the loop. She hasn't officially seen Kirkendall, she hasn't been sick, knock on wood. Anyway, I can just ask him at Jarrett's appointment.

Hope all of you have a wonderfully, wonderful day, I plan to.

And to my Father who I love, I had that song run through my head that night by the way, and I will miss it someday and I do try to look at things that way most of the time, but thanks for the reminder!!! Only you would have thought to say that to me!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not a fun post, just a little vent session!

Since this blog is kinda my way to journal memories good and bad, I am going to have a little vent session about my children's sleeping or lack there of. So if you don't want to read about it, jump to someone else's blog via the links on the right side of this page, they may have a more interesting/entertaining post! ;)

So, it has been my intention this week to go to MOPS today. However, my wonderful children that I love so much, decided last night to be a bit of a handful. Jarrett has started this fussing thing from about 7 - 10 every night. To make him stop I have to hold him facing out on my hip and walk around or sway, basically be standing up. So after walking/standing for 3 hours, I decided to start trying to put them to bed at 10:00. I got Jarrett down and thought, okay this is going to work. Well I got Bree to lay down, minus the binky, then her dad got home from work (10:30, and this has been happening pretty much the past 3-4 weeks, so I am on my own alot with the kiddos which is fine I can handle it, but help would be nice every now and then). She heard him and had to greet him at the door, so she jumped up. This got her way excited so I let her play with him for a few. Just as we are going back to bed, little man begins to throw a fit. Now he is ready for the bottle he had refused a mere 40 minutes earlier. Since Bree still needs me to lay with her, or be in the same room to go to sleep I bring her to the living room to lay on the couch, while I feed Jarrett. She proceeds to toss, turn, get up, if she is still she might actually fall asleep and she knows this. Jarrett finally fell back asleep at midnight. I put him in bed, make Bree go to her bed, lay down with her and all I know is I wake up at 2 am, still in her bed. I get up and go to my bed only to her "MOMMY" an hour later. I am so tired at this point I bring her to my bed where she tosses for an hour and finally we are asleep at 4 am. I don't even hear Scott get up, but at 6 am I hear Jarrett fussing. I get up feed him, walk him around until he finally falls back asleep at 8:05. And now here I sit typing. Since I am missing MOPS today I will not get to go until the Sept. 24th meeting. (Jarrett has a doc appt. Sept. 10, and it has already been rescheduled once, so I am not moving it again)

So if you are still reading at this point you are either nosey (like me), laughing at me, feeling sorry for me, or have nothing better to do. I am quite tired of my nights going like this, usually they are worse when I have something I want to do the next day, so I have a plan.

Starting tonight, we are going to get into a routine, I didn't really want a schedule until I had Jarrett and now I NEED one, just for night time though, I don't feel the need to schedule every hour of the day. I hope by next week they will both be in bed asleep by 10 pm. My aunt in coming to visit on Friday-Monday, so I will have her help for 3 nights, she can take care of Jarrett while I try to get Bree into a bedtime routine. She was much much easier to get to sleep before I took the binky!!!!

Thanks for reading today, now I am going to go back and ready my "Why I love my kids" post!!! I wrote it for days like today!!! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jarrett is 2 Months Old Today

My little man is getting to big to fast already! I can't believe he is already 2 months old. Time has flown by. Here are some pics I took today!

First time to wear this shirt and it is almost not long enough for him...should've gotten it out sooner! He is my rollie pollie boy!

I think these are so sweet. I believe I took some of Bree similar to these, he looks a lot like her!

Maybe it is the big blue eyes!

Breeana wanted me to curl her hair today, I don't think I got a good pic of her piggy tails but they are curled. She looked so cute I had to snap a few pics. And yesterday she was 2 1/2 and I forgot to take pics of her!

She wanted a picture of her and brother but as you can tell he was in no mood!

Out with the binkies, in with goofy her new security!! Most girls like baby dolls, blankets, or at the very least a more girly stuffed animal...My baby loves her GOOFY!!!

My Big Girl

Bree has done a whole lot better without the binky than I ever thought she would. I am so proud of my big girl. She went to bed last night just as usual, late, but that is what we do. She needs me to lay down with her still and brother decided to be a bit of a night owl last night so we finally made it to bed at 11:30. She hasn't even asked for it this morning and she woke up is a whole lot better mood than usual. The only downfall I have noticed is that she doesn't want to lay around in the mornings as long as she used too. This is only bad for me I guess. I am not a morning person and she wanted to start talking to me way to early this morning :)! Anyway, I guess the worst is behind me and it wasn't that bad!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What's In Your Purse?

I was tagged by Dawn so here goes...

I only carry a purse when I go to church, otherwise I just throw a couple things in the diaper bag. I am pretty boring and don't carry alot.

Here is a pic of what I throw in diaper bag:

1 Wallet containing only necessities

2 sets of keys, both go to the same things, go figure.

Here is what is in my purse from the last time I carried it, I believe it was Friday when I went grocery shopping without the kiddos:

Wallet and Keys that were in diaper bag

1 Walmart receipt

1 Pen

1 Enfamil Coupon

1 Shopping list

1 Gas Receipt

1 Check that was handed back to be at Walmart

1 Disc that has the pictures the hospital took of Jarrett I have yet to print :(

Invitation to Pampered Chef Party

I usually have my camera, but had to take the pic, and my cell phone is missing at the moment it is usually with me too....I just have misplaced it and I think it is set to silent, I may never find it!!!:)

I don't carry much so this wasn't all that interesting, Dawn tagged Ashley so check her blog to see if she posted she carries the equivalent of a suitcase so she will have alot to post!!!!

I tag Angela Trent, everyone else has pretty much been tagged!

*Binky update - has done well aside from one fit, she just asked me to put goofy up again because she wants a bink, we are fixing to go to bed, that is why she asked, but nap went well, so we will just read some books and see what happens : )

Debinkification Update

So it is 1:20 and we have been binky free for oh...3.5 hours. The first 2 were great. I bought her a goofy doll since she is in love with him and gave him to her when I tossed the binks. After 2 hours without he bink she brought me the goofy doll and said I don't want it put him on fridgerator. I guess in her mind if she doesn't have goofy she gets the binks back. When that didn't work she proceeded to tear her room apart looking for a binky. So I have been mostly distracting her today so not much getting done around the house and to top it off Jarrett is having a "I don't want to sleep, I am going to cry until you pick me up and carry me around all day, day." So I am having a blast!!!

Anyway, it is almost nap time, not looking forward to it, should be an interesting experience!!!

Debinkification Day

Today is officially Debinkification (I made up this word) Day. My Baby Girl is 2 1/2 today, I have been telling her for 2 months that Aug. 25th we are throwing away the binkies. She just woke up (9am) and I just informed her that she can lay on the couch and watch a couple shows and when she is good and awake (it takes her an hour or so to "wake" up) we are going to put binkies in the trash. I think today, tomorrow, the next day, well basically the rest of the week is going to be not so great for me or her, but it has to be done!!!! I hate that I have to take something away from her that she LOVES so so much, but sometimes mommies have to do such things. Hopefully we can find something to "replace" them, I say them because she sucks on one and rubs the other on her nose. Kinda her security. Anyway, wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bree's Bedtime Prayer

Breeana and I always pray together before she goes to sleep. We have to make sure our eyes are closed and our hands are folded by our face. I always ask her to pray and then usually end up praying and she repeats after me. Well tonight she prayed on her own...

"Thank you Jesus for my binkie, Wyatt (or neighbor we haven't even seen him in forever) , PaPa Guy, Travis and Crystal, and Thank you Jesus for Goofy, amen."

I know she meant to thank Jesus for her mommy, daddy, and brother, maybe tomorrow night!:)

My Smiley Boy

Jarrett has started smiling and I love it. He actually started a couple weeks ago, but he is smiling more and more everyday. I love it when he just wakes up and I pick him up and he smiles at me. It makes all the frustration with him not going to sleep the night before disappear! I just wanted to share a couple pics, these are the first pictures of his smile, but not the first smile. Also this morning when we were sharing time before Sissy got out of bed, I discovered his little toes are a little ticklish. I was playing with them like I always do and he started pulling his feet away with a huge toothless grin on his face and almost a little laugh!!!

This ones my favorite!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Breeana's New Obsession...

Changing clothes a million times a day! It has become pointless to keep her dresser drawers organized. She goes through them all day long picking out new outfits to wear. I decided today to take a picture of her every time she changed, not only to keep count, but because she puts together some very interesting outfits. I think she may be a clothing designer someday!!! She is pretty good about getting every outfit on and off by herself, but sometimes she gets a little stuck and mommy has to come to the rescue!!! Sometimes she changes so fast I couldn't get a picture, here they are..

#1 I missed this one but it was the next outfit but with hot pink shorts and sandals

#2 Those are swimsuit bottoms not panties!

#3 Blues Clues PJ's

#4 I missed this one was just green pj bottoms
#5 Pink Swimsuit wrong side out and I'm a Key kid hat!

#6 Missed this one, yellow bikini, she got the top stuck on her head

#7 Missed it!!! Panties and red, white, blue socks with white dress shoes

and Finally #8 a striped shirt for nap time!!!

These all took place from 9 am - 1 pm we will see what else she decides to put on after nap!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My baby is 7 weeks old. See how much he has grown!!

I am working on a post all about Nonny, but I need more pics so here is one of Her and Jarrett in the mean time so she will quit harassing me about not posting about her!

Breeana Loving on her Brother!! She always wants to help me, she tried to pick him up the other day when he was throwing a fit because I wouldn't carry him with me all day. I walked in the room just in time to say him!

About him wanting me to carry him all the time. I am debating on purchasing an Ergo Baby Carrier. Almost every review I have read is positive. I am using an Evenflo Snuggle or something like that for now and he loves it, but he will out grow it soon, and it hurts my back after just a little while. Have any of you personally used one of these or know someone who has? I think it would be great if it works as good as the reviews say it does.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Painting and Goofy

I decided today that Bree and I would try and do a couple art projects a week, and have a time each day set aside when we work on shapes, numbers, letters, etc. I think she needs this one on one time with me now that baby brother is here because she has be really acting out lately. Hopefully devoting a set time with her everyday will work. We shall see...
I plan to buy her an apron so she won't be basically naked in upcoming art time photo shoots!

Also, her newest love is Goofy. I am not sure why, but she loves him. I found a book all about him while I was cleaning and organizing her room today and I gave it to her. She sat and looked at it for a long time, then we had lunch with Goofy in her room. (Goofy is her imaginary friend right now and if you eat his food or sit in his chair you are in trouble) Then we read the book for nap time. She fell asleep looking at it. I took in from her several times, but she kept waking up and saying "My goofy book mommy" So she took a nap with it. Maybe she will attach to it so much that she will give up her binkies on her own. One could only hope :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Jogging Stoller

My double jogging stroller came today. I love it. The seats recline really far back for Jarrett, the sunshade is huge, and the wheels pop right off and it folds up fairly compact for the size that is it, and it is one of my favorite colors to top it off, YELLOW!!! Can't wait to use it, hopefully the evenings will start to cool down soon!! Although we may have to sweat it out in the neighborhood tonight, I just want to give it a spin!!!
Also I got Jarrett a new toy, seems big sister likes it a little more than he does right now.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Why I love my Kids!!

Sunday after church Ashley, Michelle, my kiddos and myself went to Enid to have my kids pictures taken. We arrived about 15 minutes before our picture appointment and Breeana was in the waiting area, smiling, posing, goofing off excited about pictures. Well this made me excited because at her 2 year old pics she rolled on the floor crying and screaming. So we enter the picture taking room and I position her where she was supposed to be and......she lost it. Not quite as bad but she was crying and wanting me to hold her. So the only way we got her to take a picture was in the little red prop car they have. This was not my original vision and I really wanted a smile out of her, but she had other plans. All in all they turned out pretty cute especially the ones of her and her brother. I am so glad Michelle decided to go with us. Who would've thought it would take 3 women to tackle 2 kids, one that can't even walk!! Thanks Michelle and Ash for going with me!!

Now for my title, Why I love my kids... (I stole this idea from another blog I read about quads)

She was smiling and having fun until she saw the camers!!!!!!

1. She is so persistent and independent. Although this presents a challenge with discipline and my patience, I love that she is her own little person no matter what.

2. Her smile, she not only smiles with her lips and mouth, but with her entire body, especially those big blue eyes.

3. She is so tenderhearted, which I at times am not so I don't know where she gets it. She cannot stand for people to argue in front of her, get hurt, etc. She just has to give you a hug and make sure you are okay.

4. She is a drama queen and I love it. (okay not all the time) I think it is so funny how she reacts to somethings, she is all girl, and on some days she is an emotional roller coaster!!! Can't wait for those teenage years!!! j/k

5. Most of all I love when she tells me "I love you to the canos and back mommy" I tell her I love her to so much all the way to heaven and back." So she started telling me to the canos and back. By the way canos are volcano's (she learned about volcano's on Backyardigans and Dora).


1. He grunts and groans through every nap and all night long. I think it is so cute, although it does sometimes interrupt my sleep at night.

2. How when I lay him down for even a second he throw a screaming almost pass out fit, but the second I pick him up it stops and all is well with him. This is sometimes annoying and I don't know why he all the sudden started doing it, but my mom tells me Shane used to do the same thing, but actually pass out for a second, he was a little older than Jarrett though.

3. When he smiles in his sleep....I like to think he is thinking about his mommy and it is not just gas!!!

4. How he pecks at his bed, my shoulder, or anything near his mouth when he is hungry or thinks he is hungry. ( I know all babies do this, but he is extra cute doing it!!!)

5. That he is my precious son who I love with all my heart even after only six weeks of knowing him and holding him in my arms.

I have so many more reasons I love my kids, but these are a few I wanted to share with my blog readers and my family. And so I can look back at my posts when they are making pull my hair out and remind myself how much I love them!!!