Friday, August 29, 2008

Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend

My Nan, Aunt Sandy, Cousin Kennedy, Papa Guy, and Bree and Jarrett's 2nd Aunt Kassie are all coming this weekend. Papa Guy is coming b/c Scott, him, and, my dad are going to the OU game tomorrow. Kassie is really coming to see her sister Ash, but I like to think she comes to see me to :) and my nan, aunt, and cousin say they are coming to see me, but in all reality they come for the kids!!! Anyway just wanted to say "Have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!!!" I was going to end with a pic, but I haven't been so great in that department lately! Maybe I will take some this weekend!!!

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Dawn said...

Have a fun weekend. And when you're shopping at those stores downtown remember to look past the dirt and wobbly legs and stuff. and chips and cracks add character! Cause nothing neat I've found is ever perfect. And my pictures might look better than the real thing!