Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A whole lot of NOTHING!

My Aunt, Cousin, and Nan made it here and back home safely. I got my hair foiled on Thursday last week I think, and I watched Nicole very closely and thought to myself, "I can do that." So my aunt agreed to be my guinea pig. I didn't get any pics, but it turned out pretty good. Her hair didn't fall out, turn orange, or anything like that. My only mistake, not foiling enough hair. She would have like more red, but hey it was my first try. We are going to give it another go Thanksgiving week, and then I am going to make Scott's sister let me do hers!!! (I have done hers twice now pulling it through a cap, but it is getting too long for that.)

Anyway here are a few pics from this weekend. Other than that life is pretty boring at the moment.

My Cousin Kennedy loving on Jarrett

Bree finally likes the swings! She loves Aunt Sandy and Kennedy to come they always take her to the park!

Me and my boy. I hate pictures of myself, but I made a promise to myself to start taking more with my kids. I don't want them to look back at pics when they are older and wonder "Where was mom!"

Keep my Dad and My Grandma Linda in your prayers this week. They headed to Cali on Monday to get my Grandma's things from my Aunt Cheryl's house. I think my dad was a little excited b/c he has never been to Cali. They made it there safely yesterday, I am not sure when they are heading back, but they should be home Friday I think. I am a little jealous, My aunt got them military housing on the beach for a night! Wish I could be with them!

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Kara said...

Great pics! Looks like Bree had fun and you are Jarrett are too cute!