Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Parenting Books Do Not Prepare You For...

* How you feel like you could throw up and cry all at the same time when you have to take your daughter to the doctor b/c of a staph infeciton and they may have to squeeze it and you will have to hold her down. (luckily this didn't happen, the doc just looked at it from a distance, but I still had that feeling)

*That you may have to enlist your brother to hold down your daughter so you can rip, yes rip the bandaid off the staph infection so you can merely doctor and rebandage it, all the while having that same throw up feeling b/c she is screaming! (by the way while nexcare tatoo bandaids are very cute and work very well, they stick really bad and are hard to get hold of and take off of a screaming kicking child!!)

* How you will want to take your child's hurts away so bad, but you just can't..and you are feeling horrible that this happened to her and she looks at you pats your arm and says, "It's'll be okay mommy" and she is the one with the owie.

*That bribing with all the hershey's kisses in the world won't make medicine go down any easier!

So I am sure I will learn many many more things Parenting books leave out on this crazy journey with my kiddos. I remember when I was little and even grown and out of the house and my mom saying "If I could take your hurt away I would" it went in one ear and out the other. Only as a mother myself now do I truly understand how much truth was in her words.

Breeana does have a staph infection on her stomach. She is on antibiotic and we have to keep medicine on it and keep in bandaged. For most kids bandaids are cool, but Bree only likes them when they are not on her. So it is basically torture for her that she has to wear them. I think the spot hurts pretty bad, she doesn't want it touched or her clothes to touch it. Please pray that the medicine works and that she doesn't get another one anywhere on her body. Scott had 4 all in about 3 weeks so I am hoping she only has this one and that Jarrett doens't somehow get one. I don't even know how she got it. Scott kept his bandaged and bleached the bathroom after rebandaging it, we were extremely careful, but she got one anyway. I am just thankful for doctors and medicine!

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Becky said...

You know they say we all have staph on our skin - and you never know when it will get infected. So sorry for Bree, and for you as you take care of her. And that feeling of hating so see her hurting, it never goes away, no matter how old they get.