Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 Month Wellness visit

Jarrett had his 2 month visit today. He is really 11 weeks old, but his original appointment got rescheduled, as did his rescheduled appointment, so 3rd tries a charm, we actually got to go today! He weighed in at 14.4 lbs (90%) 24 1/2 inches (90%) and his head is 16 something (75%). He is a big BOY!!! He got 4 shots and one oral vaccination, fun stuff! Anyway, he is sleeping now. I kinda feel bad, I think I cried when Bree got her first shots but not with him. I guess it will be old hat when number 3 comes along someday. Bree has to get a shot in November that will be interesting it may take the whole town of Woodward to hold her down!!! LOL Sorry no pics today!

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