Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 1/2 Hour Drive Ahead of Me

Well we are headed to T-Town tomorrow to see Scott's Parents. Breeana is having a hard time waiting, I should really keep my mouth shut about the trips until right before we leave. She thinks it is time to go now and keeps saying "I go to Mema and Papaguys house?" And I say,"Yes, Tomorrow" She says,"Let's go" and heads to the door, then gets mad when I say we have to wait one more day.

Jarrett on the other hand doesn't really care, as long as mommy is near by he is pretty happy, and that is all he wants in life for now other than his bottle. I think he is giving our nursery crews at church fits, I believe they have experienced his almost pass out cry. My brother told them as long as he is breathing he is fine let him cry, I have to say I agree with that one.

Have a wonderful week-end!!!

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