Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Hair Cut

Well, I got brave enough to cut little man's hair. He was really good. I didn't have anyone her to take pics of be cutting it, but he sat in his bebepod on the bathroom counter and I used the clippers to cut it. Bree helped (watched) me. She thought it was fun. Anyway, here are some pics of his new doo. It is kinda hard to tell it is cut in the pics, but I cut off a good half inch or more!



Just had to throw this one in, she all of the sudden doesn't mind pictures sometimes. She smiled for me!!!!


Dad said...

Great pictures of my grand babies... the slide show made me cry. I know all too well how fast the days pass... I have two babies of my own... one is going on 27 and one turned 25 today.

Love Dad

Becky said...

You know that Breanna will probably give Jarrett his next haircut :) Loved your slide show by the way.