Monday, August 4, 2008

Why I love my Kids!!

Sunday after church Ashley, Michelle, my kiddos and myself went to Enid to have my kids pictures taken. We arrived about 15 minutes before our picture appointment and Breeana was in the waiting area, smiling, posing, goofing off excited about pictures. Well this made me excited because at her 2 year old pics she rolled on the floor crying and screaming. So we enter the picture taking room and I position her where she was supposed to be and......she lost it. Not quite as bad but she was crying and wanting me to hold her. So the only way we got her to take a picture was in the little red prop car they have. This was not my original vision and I really wanted a smile out of her, but she had other plans. All in all they turned out pretty cute especially the ones of her and her brother. I am so glad Michelle decided to go with us. Who would've thought it would take 3 women to tackle 2 kids, one that can't even walk!! Thanks Michelle and Ash for going with me!!

Now for my title, Why I love my kids... (I stole this idea from another blog I read about quads)

She was smiling and having fun until she saw the camers!!!!!!

1. She is so persistent and independent. Although this presents a challenge with discipline and my patience, I love that she is her own little person no matter what.

2. Her smile, she not only smiles with her lips and mouth, but with her entire body, especially those big blue eyes.

3. She is so tenderhearted, which I at times am not so I don't know where she gets it. She cannot stand for people to argue in front of her, get hurt, etc. She just has to give you a hug and make sure you are okay.

4. She is a drama queen and I love it. (okay not all the time) I think it is so funny how she reacts to somethings, she is all girl, and on some days she is an emotional roller coaster!!! Can't wait for those teenage years!!! j/k

5. Most of all I love when she tells me "I love you to the canos and back mommy" I tell her I love her to so much all the way to heaven and back." So she started telling me to the canos and back. By the way canos are volcano's (she learned about volcano's on Backyardigans and Dora).


1. He grunts and groans through every nap and all night long. I think it is so cute, although it does sometimes interrupt my sleep at night.

2. How when I lay him down for even a second he throw a screaming almost pass out fit, but the second I pick him up it stops and all is well with him. This is sometimes annoying and I don't know why he all the sudden started doing it, but my mom tells me Shane used to do the same thing, but actually pass out for a second, he was a little older than Jarrett though.

3. When he smiles in his sleep....I like to think he is thinking about his mommy and it is not just gas!!!

4. How he pecks at his bed, my shoulder, or anything near his mouth when he is hungry or thinks he is hungry. ( I know all babies do this, but he is extra cute doing it!!!)

5. That he is my precious son who I love with all my heart even after only six weeks of knowing him and holding him in my arms.

I have so many more reasons I love my kids, but these are a few I wanted to share with my blog readers and my family. And so I can look back at my posts when they are making pull my hair out and remind myself how much I love them!!!

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