Thursday, August 28, 2008

Much Better Night

Well, Jarrett went down at 9. I went to bed with Bree at 9:30 and after just ignoring her she was asleep by 10:30. Maybe tonight will take less time. By the time she was asleep Jarrett was up, but he was just hungry and went right back to bed. Aside from a feeding for him at 6 am. We all slept until 9, bree til 9:30. So I am a rested Mommy ready for the battle today!! Bree will take a nap today unlike yesterday and we will start to bed around 9:30. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement. Sometimes us mommies need that. Especially when we start to feel so out of touch with the world. Thus the reason I will start going to MOPS on the 24th (I would love to go the 10th but doc appointment at 10:15 SHOTS yuck)

Also, do any of you know if Bree should have a well baby check at 2 1/ 2 or is the next one at 3 yrs.? Since doc evans left I am just out of the loop. She hasn't officially seen Kirkendall, she hasn't been sick, knock on wood. Anyway, I can just ask him at Jarrett's appointment.

Hope all of you have a wonderfully, wonderful day, I plan to.

And to my Father who I love, I had that song run through my head that night by the way, and I will miss it someday and I do try to look at things that way most of the time, but thanks for the reminder!!! Only you would have thought to say that to me!!!!

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Sally said...

Well Bree might need just one shot. You probably need to call Dr. Kirkendall. Dr Evans just did the 2nd hep A shot at 2 1/2, but they didn't need a well child exam.