Thursday, August 14, 2008

My baby is 7 weeks old. See how much he has grown!!

I am working on a post all about Nonny, but I need more pics so here is one of Her and Jarrett in the mean time so she will quit harassing me about not posting about her!

Breeana Loving on her Brother!! She always wants to help me, she tried to pick him up the other day when he was throwing a fit because I wouldn't carry him with me all day. I walked in the room just in time to say him!

About him wanting me to carry him all the time. I am debating on purchasing an Ergo Baby Carrier. Almost every review I have read is positive. I am using an Evenflo Snuggle or something like that for now and he loves it, but he will out grow it soon, and it hurts my back after just a little while. Have any of you personally used one of these or know someone who has? I think it would be great if it works as good as the reviews say it does.

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