Thursday, August 7, 2008

Painting and Goofy

I decided today that Bree and I would try and do a couple art projects a week, and have a time each day set aside when we work on shapes, numbers, letters, etc. I think she needs this one on one time with me now that baby brother is here because she has be really acting out lately. Hopefully devoting a set time with her everyday will work. We shall see...
I plan to buy her an apron so she won't be basically naked in upcoming art time photo shoots!

Also, her newest love is Goofy. I am not sure why, but she loves him. I found a book all about him while I was cleaning and organizing her room today and I gave it to her. She sat and looked at it for a long time, then we had lunch with Goofy in her room. (Goofy is her imaginary friend right now and if you eat his food or sit in his chair you are in trouble) Then we read the book for nap time. She fell asleep looking at it. I took in from her several times, but she kept waking up and saying "My goofy book mommy" So she took a nap with it. Maybe she will attach to it so much that she will give up her binkies on her own. One could only hope :)

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Dawn said...

It's awesome you're blogging about this cause my girls had imaginary friends and I didn't write it down cause who could forget that, right? but I did. I'm the one. I'm the one who forgot the name, gender, species of the imaginary friend :(. So moms--write that stuff down! It goes by fast and your memory goes along with it!