Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not a fun post, just a little vent session!

Since this blog is kinda my way to journal memories good and bad, I am going to have a little vent session about my children's sleeping or lack there of. So if you don't want to read about it, jump to someone else's blog via the links on the right side of this page, they may have a more interesting/entertaining post! ;)

So, it has been my intention this week to go to MOPS today. However, my wonderful children that I love so much, decided last night to be a bit of a handful. Jarrett has started this fussing thing from about 7 - 10 every night. To make him stop I have to hold him facing out on my hip and walk around or sway, basically be standing up. So after walking/standing for 3 hours, I decided to start trying to put them to bed at 10:00. I got Jarrett down and thought, okay this is going to work. Well I got Bree to lay down, minus the binky, then her dad got home from work (10:30, and this has been happening pretty much the past 3-4 weeks, so I am on my own alot with the kiddos which is fine I can handle it, but help would be nice every now and then). She heard him and had to greet him at the door, so she jumped up. This got her way excited so I let her play with him for a few. Just as we are going back to bed, little man begins to throw a fit. Now he is ready for the bottle he had refused a mere 40 minutes earlier. Since Bree still needs me to lay with her, or be in the same room to go to sleep I bring her to the living room to lay on the couch, while I feed Jarrett. She proceeds to toss, turn, get up, if she is still she might actually fall asleep and she knows this. Jarrett finally fell back asleep at midnight. I put him in bed, make Bree go to her bed, lay down with her and all I know is I wake up at 2 am, still in her bed. I get up and go to my bed only to her "MOMMY" an hour later. I am so tired at this point I bring her to my bed where she tosses for an hour and finally we are asleep at 4 am. I don't even hear Scott get up, but at 6 am I hear Jarrett fussing. I get up feed him, walk him around until he finally falls back asleep at 8:05. And now here I sit typing. Since I am missing MOPS today I will not get to go until the Sept. 24th meeting. (Jarrett has a doc appt. Sept. 10, and it has already been rescheduled once, so I am not moving it again)

So if you are still reading at this point you are either nosey (like me), laughing at me, feeling sorry for me, or have nothing better to do. I am quite tired of my nights going like this, usually they are worse when I have something I want to do the next day, so I have a plan.

Starting tonight, we are going to get into a routine, I didn't really want a schedule until I had Jarrett and now I NEED one, just for night time though, I don't feel the need to schedule every hour of the day. I hope by next week they will both be in bed asleep by 10 pm. My aunt in coming to visit on Friday-Monday, so I will have her help for 3 nights, she can take care of Jarrett while I try to get Bree into a bedtime routine. She was much much easier to get to sleep before I took the binky!!!!

Thanks for reading today, now I am going to go back and ready my "Why I love my kids" post!!! I wrote it for days like today!!! :)


Kara said...

We did miss you at MOPS today!! Sorry things were rough last night, we all have nights like that. I am a strong supporter of schedules, so I will be praying it works quickly for will be rough at first, but better in the end! Hang in there momma!

Mandy said...

I feel your pain on needing the night time schedule. With more than one child it is the only way to survive. Just stick it out for awhile and it will become more easy!

Mandy said...

I feel your pain on needing the night time schedule. With more than one child it is the only way to survive. Just stick it out for awhile and it will become more easy!

Go For It! said...

Well, you would expect me to say this, so I will... YOU ARE GOING TO MISS THIS. Now, with that out of the way... I love you... you are a great Mother doing a great job with my grand children. Make your schedule and expect Bree to adhere to it, and she will. It will be a battle, but it is a battle you can win.


Dawn said...

I kept reading cause I'm gleeful that this is not me! Maybe you can lock her in her room--just kidding. The temptation was strong with Sarah the non sleeper so I know how you feel!