Monday, August 25, 2008

What's In Your Purse?

I was tagged by Dawn so here goes...

I only carry a purse when I go to church, otherwise I just throw a couple things in the diaper bag. I am pretty boring and don't carry alot.

Here is a pic of what I throw in diaper bag:

1 Wallet containing only necessities

2 sets of keys, both go to the same things, go figure.

Here is what is in my purse from the last time I carried it, I believe it was Friday when I went grocery shopping without the kiddos:

Wallet and Keys that were in diaper bag

1 Walmart receipt

1 Pen

1 Enfamil Coupon

1 Shopping list

1 Gas Receipt

1 Check that was handed back to be at Walmart

1 Disc that has the pictures the hospital took of Jarrett I have yet to print :(

Invitation to Pampered Chef Party

I usually have my camera, but had to take the pic, and my cell phone is missing at the moment it is usually with me too....I just have misplaced it and I think it is set to silent, I may never find it!!!:)

I don't carry much so this wasn't all that interesting, Dawn tagged Ashley so check her blog to see if she posted she carries the equivalent of a suitcase so she will have alot to post!!!!

I tag Angela Trent, everyone else has pretty much been tagged!

*Binky update - has done well aside from one fit, she just asked me to put goofy up again because she wants a bink, we are fixing to go to bed, that is why she asked, but nap went well, so we will just read some books and see what happens : )

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Dawn said...

Your wallet matches mine!