Friday, April 22, 2011

Eating, Pictures, Shopping, Dying Eggs

Today has been so busy and we won't me slowing down until Sunday afternoon.

My day started at 6 with the boys wide awake. Brandy text me at 8 to see if Bree wanted to go to an egg hunt. So at 10 Bree left to hunt eggs, Ashley went to visit library friends. I stayed home and got dressed and did some cleaning. The craziness started at 11:30.

We met at Playa Azul for lunch. Then drug Brandy and Graydon to the field station with us so Brandy could take some pictures of my kiddos.

Here are a few I got with my IPhone. I'll share the rest after Brandy edits and tweaks them!

For fun we had Bree take a few pics of the "big girls". Her hand slightly ended up in most and had to be cropped out. So we took matters into our own hands and took a few. Top on our own, bottom Bree's handy work after a little cropping

After all the photo taking we treated ourselves to ice-cream then headed home for a small rest and nap time.

After nap Ash and I braved Cato with all my 3. Each had more than one fit/crying episode, so we called it quits in Cato, grabbed Arby's for dinner and headed home to dye Easter eggs.

We all had fun dying eggs, all 4 dozen and several were eaten as well!

And now we are exhausted!!!!

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