Sunday, April 24, 2011

Egg Hunt & Miss Woodward

We attended the Easter Eggstravaganza today. It was a bit chilly and windy, but the kids must hunt (pick up from a grassy area) Easter eggs!

Jarrett was a bit disappointed that all the eggs were empty. Apparently there were some money eggs out there. Bree and Jar didn't find them. Instead of putting candy in the eggs we turned in the eggs gathered for a bag of goodies.

We attempted a group picture. The plan, Scott snap a picture of Ash, the kids, and I. The Ash would take our picture with Scott. We abandoned the plan after 3 tries. The wind was in our face, and my eyes wouldn't stay open. I guess I wear sunglasses so much, and I forgot them today, that my eyes are really sensitive. Anyway, this is a good as it gets!

Mr. Jarrett got a bit cranky and uncooperative at times so daddy had to do some "holding".

A firetruck and life flight helicopter were there for the kids to see and sit in. Bree was unsure of sitting in the firetruck but after seeing the few kids in front of us get candy afterwards she hopped right in!

Jarrett is in an airplane helicopter phase, so he LOVED the chopper! He said "tan you shut da door, and go for ride, tan you?" Breeana went on a field trip to see this helicopter back in the fall. She wouldn't sit in it then, I guess having little brother with her made her more brave:)

We had nachos, played on a slide, and hung around to see if we would win a door prize. We didn't, but we had fun! Jarrett was asleep in the car after only a couple minutes!

***Sawyer wanted to stay with his Nonny during the hunt. He will hunt eggs tomorrow for the very first time!

Bree has been waiting for Miss Woodward all week. Our friend Becca was a contestant this year. Here we are waiting for the pageant to start (that's not a binky in Bree's mouth, Ashley had just given her some kazoo, whistle toy).

Mom and Me!

Becca did a great job and looked beautiful. She didn't win, but according to Bree she should have been the winner!

Bree was really good during the 3 HOUR pageant. A couple of her comments...

The MC said "so and so will be doing American Sign Language to whatever song it was" Bree said "I don't know that language mom!"

After a Tumble Dance, "whoa she did back flips and running cartwheels...whoa"

Oh, and she says when she is 13 she will wear fake nails and be Miss Woodward!

Tomorrow we celebrate our Risen Savior! I can't wait to spend the morning with my 2 year olds, then worship service, followed by lunch with some family and friends!!

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