Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday & The Final Hunt

Scott and I had 11, yes 11 wild 2 year olds in Sunday School this morning. We can always expect visitors on Easter Sunday. But, today 8 out of 11 were our regular kids!!! We have a big class and I love it (ok sometimes I get overwhelmed, but I love it most of the time!).
Here's 9 of the 11 the last 2 came a little late.

We got to sit as a big family for worship service and afterward were able to get a much needed updated family picture! Thanks Brandy!!

After church we stuffed our faces and then Shane and Tyrel hid bunches of eggs for Bree, Jare, Saw, and Graydon to find.

Sadly Shane, Ash, and Huck went back home today. I'll see Ash this weekend at the OKC marathon though!

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