Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Half Marathon

Still can't believe I finished a half marathon on Saturday! I forsure have to run another and maybe several to get the finish time I'm after. I'm happy for right now just with the fact I can say I finished a 1/2!

Michelle and I headed out Friday afternoon.

We arrived in Tulsa around 7. Dropped Bree at my inlaws and met up with Ashley, her mom, and sister at Zio's to carb load! After stuffing ourselves we made a trip to Academy to find Michelle some socks to hopefully prevent blisters. We found some, they really didn't help! We made it to bed around midnight and were back up at 5:30 to get dressed and head to the race.

We were at the start early enough to snap a few pictures.

Here we are with our Relay Sole Sista Emily. She ran the half as well. Wish our other Sole Sistas could have run as well.

Their were 500 1/2 marathon participants. Seemed like a small group to me after being the 1st leg of our Relay at the oklahoma memorial marathon.

Michelle and I decided to run this race to celebrate 1 year running. The plan was start together, finish together. We made the first six miles together. I get lost in the rhythm of my run easily and I pulled away a few times, but I could usually turn around and still see Michelle. If I couldn't I'd wait at water stops or turn around for her. She was fighting through some major blisters that began on mile 4.

This one is from a our last training run...she had them on several toes at the end of the half. I was a bit ahead at mile 11 and my plan was to wait for her at mile 12 and finish. After the last turn around we passes each other and I told her I wanted to wait but every time I tried to stop or walk my hips started cramping up. She told me to just go. So I did, not without a few tears shed for not getting to cross the finish with her, but I new if I stopped I wouldn't start again. I crossed the finish at 2:44:04. I got my medal, turned in my chip, got water and started to back track the course til I found Michelle. I ran the last bit with her and watched her finish. She crossed somewhere between 2:53 & 2:54, not sure of exact time.

The course was pretty tough with lots of nice hills! I feel bad for Michelle and her toes but am super proud that she pushed through and finished. I'm also happy that she goes along with all my race ideas and trains with me and keeps me going! Can't wait to give this course another go next year. We are running the Full marathon in November. I'm not thinking that'll be something I do more than a couple times, but the half I could do over and over and enjoy I think!

These girls ran the 5k and then hung around to witness us finish our race. Ashley had been doing the c25k program and finished in 46:03 I think. Her goal was 45, she already signed up for another race! Jen just ran with them for fun and Kassie was dragged along by Ashley. I think they may have the run bug now though :)

These 3 things help with my aches and pains. I'm pretty good today. Just tired and not real hungry. I'm going to try a recovery run probably Thursday!

Michelle and Tisha: Non-runners to half marathoners in 1 year...who woulda thunk it!!!!

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Robin said...

So proud for you and Michelle!! I also think it AWESOME that you guys train together and are each others accountability partner. You guys will do great in November!!! Congratulations!!!