Thursday, May 19, 2011


Not my best day today. My van got rammed. However, the boys, my mom, and I are all fine.

The accident was not my fault. I was minding my own business leaving Walmart when a big brown dodge van pulled out from the Cato shopping center headed toward the Walmart gas station. I guess I was in his way because we got hit. The picture is Jarrett's door. I was so worried when I knew it was his door that would be hit and there was nothing I could do about it!

So thankful my mom was with me. I was a shaken mess and couldn't even think straight! We called the police even though the guy that hit us just wanted to exchange info. Turns out he had invalid insurance, suspended license, tag out of date, and who knows what else! He got taken to jail and his van towed. That doesn't help the fact that I have to pay my deductible to get my van fixed!

Jar wanted to know what I did to his door and why he can't open it. He was there but I guess he doesn't understand what happened. According to my insurance person, Ashley's sister, the insurance company has to get is new car-seats since we were in a wreck.

That was the "lowlight" of my day. It could have been worse, would rather my van be damaged than my children any day!
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Dawn said...

I'm sorry about the van. So glad you're ok!

Hilary said...

What a bummer!!!, but so glad you are all ok!