Friday, November 5, 2010

Jarrett's Obsession

Jarrett is slightly obsessed with.........


What then you might ask?????

That's right vacuum cleaners! This is a picture of Shane and Ashley's. I had her send it to me because he was begging me all day to see and touch it!

After he saw theirs he wanted to see Non and Pop's...

Can you guess which one is Non's and which is Pop's??

We go to my cleaning closet several times a day to see and touch our vacuum and steam cleaner. And he likes to take everyone that comes to our house to see them.

When we take a trip to Wal-Mart he doesn't ask for the toy isle. No he wants the vacuum steam cleaner isle. He gets so excited!

I think he's crazy, Ashley thinks he may invent the next big thing as far as vacuums and carpet cleaners go. I just hope in a few years he will still like them so he can do all the vacuuming around here!


Ashley said...

If he makes it big in the vacuum buisness I get a cut :) I'm sure his future wife will totally agree!

Dawn said...

There's some comic strip, "One Big Happy" perhaps, that has a character that is crazy about vacuum sweepers!