Saturday, November 13, 2010

Streets of Gold 5k

Today I ran another 5k race. The course was fun and challenging. The biggest challenge being a hill the local people have named "big Bertha". She kicked my butt that's for sure!

Map of the course. "Bertha" was right before the 4k mark I believe.

I didn't make a personal best, but overall satisfied with my time of 34:51. This course was harder than my last race where I achieved my personal best of 33:35. This is however the first race I can honestly say I enjoyed running and didn't ever feel like just giving up. I will conquer "Bertha" next year!

My dad and I after the race. The sun was very bright and my eyes tend to be sensitive thus my hand above them. I forgot my sunglasses!

My friend Rachel from Glenpool recently started running. She came to run so she would have a race experience before we take on a marathon relay next week. I am super proud of her. She did awesome with a time of 37:05!

The medalist of our little group. My dad placed 1st in his age group. My cousin Lacy 3rd in hers, this was my age group too. And Jeri placed 2nd in hers. Jeri was re-enacting the fit she threw mid race when told she had to make a turn instead of going straight. She is so funny!

This race was so much fun. I love racing with people I know. The more the better!

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