Wednesday, April 18, 2012


First I got this lovely new vinyl thing for my living room wall. I love it, Scott not so much. Either way it's staying!

The kids and I headed to Tulsa for my Nephews birthday party on Thursday, but not before the boys got some outside time in with their buddy Caleb.

We hung out at Mema and Papa's house watching some Micky Mouse.

Ryan's party was at BounceU. Awesome place for parties. Staff is wonderful and was so much fun for the kids!

Bree lost her 2nd tooth while bouncing away, luckily she didn't swallow it.

The tooth fairy is about broke after 2 teeth in 5 days!

We drove to Paden after instead of going home since some bad storms were supposed to roll threw Oklahoma. And Roll they did just not as early in the day as anticipated.

My mom, Shane, Ash, and I sat glued to the TV as Marty Logan teaches the storm threw Woodward just after Midnight helpless from afar all we could do was cry as he described what was happening. I'm thankful my dad and Scott were safe and as well as all my friends, but devastated at the loss the town has suffered.

Through the devastation though I have been amazed at the outpouring of help and love in our community.

And as a side note, Scott says we are getting a storm shelter.

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