Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm not much for reading books. I read blogs, Facebook, online articles. I know I'm a little or maybe a lot behind, but I discovered the kindle app on my phone a few days ago.

I know some of you love the smell, feel of the pages of books, Ashley & Dawn, and to an extent I do too. I don't like looking for the book when I want to read, try and figure out where I was when Bree removes my bookmark, or wet pages from Sawyer thinking it would make a good snack!

My iphone I almost always know where it is. The app holds all my books, opens them to the last page I was reading, and Sawyer can't try to eat them. He does occasionally chew my phone though.

Since my discovery I am in the middle of 3 books and loving reading any time I get a few seconds.

My current selections and why:

This book was mentioned on a site follow on FB, dailymile. I've become slightly addicted to running so why not read about something I love. It's been great so far and changes my perspective on a few things, just ask Michelle!

I happened to stumble across this title when I was searching for something else, can't remember what. I tend to get stuck in Martha mode hoping this helps me channel my inner Mary.

This one I chose today. Today has been challenging for me. Jarrett was in a horrible mood and taking it out on all around him. I didn't respond well and this evening I was in tears and wondering what I'm doing wrong. I've had many similar days in the past month. Scott's been away with work a lot and I've been overwhelmed. I think we all have "I'm a terrible mom moments". If you don't, what's your secret? I've been having more days when I've felt like a bad mom than a good one. Mostly because all 3 kids are testing boundaries lately and I'm at a loss at how to handle them. No tactic I use works and I end up mad and raising my voice more than I want/need to. So I searched James Dobson to see what books were available. I considered The Strong Willed Child, which I have in print form, but opted for this book.

Just in the first 3 chapters I have been enlightened and encouraged. I'm not doing everything wrong, just need to tweak something's here and there. Only reading 1/4 of this book I recommend it to all parents or parents to be. Kinda wish I had read it like 5 years ago!

Anyway that's what I'm reading and I may be asking got a real Kindle for Christmas. I'd probably loose it...maybe I need and IPAD!!!

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