Saturday, June 12, 2010

When I have kids I will never...

1. Use pacifiers - FAIL

2. Use child harness leash - FAIL

3. Let my child suck their fingers - FAIL

4. Have an epidural - FAIL x3

5. Drive a mini van - FAIL

6. Let them string toys all over my house - FAIL

7. Fix them a separate dinner b/c they do not like what I made - FAIL

8. Let my daughter wear pink or have a pink room - FAIL, FAIL, FAIL

9. Allow my child in public with mismatched clothing - FAIL

10. Let my child wear character clothing - FAIL

11. Let them have a bottle after 12 months - FAIL

12. Allow them to walk around with a sippy cup hanging out in their mouth - FAIL

I'm sure there are more and more to come. I was just thinking about this today, I laughed at myself. Lesson learned try not to criticize others or say what you will or will not do until you live it :)


Dawn said...

We've all been there!

Hilary said...

HA-HA. Funny, but so true. I would fail too!!