Friday, June 11, 2010

Projects Finished, Projects Started

I am really, really good at starting projects and then taking FOREVER to finish them. I decided about 2 months ago I think to paint my laundry room. It was lavender and I really just didn't like it. Well my mom came and finished the wall for me yesterday and I painted the trim today. I went with a dark brown and decided to throw some of my animal decor out there. I love animal print and since I spend alot of time in the laundry room I wanted it to fit my taste. I still want hubby to build some shelves, cabinets, or something and I want to move the deep freeze to the garage when we make space for it. Other than that I am finished with it for now.

The curtains look purple but they are really dark brown. I want to get some giraffe with maybe some red trim curtains (might have to recruit mom to make them). My red washer and dryer just make me smile! Sad I am in love with appliances!

2 weeks ago Scott and I began Bree's loft bed project. I finally finished painting it last night. I love the space it created in her room. She loves that she has a sort of clubhouse/hideout underneath. We all love that she is finally sleeping in her own bed without to big of a fight!

And my current project:
Last night I was looking at the wallpaper in my dining room. It was grape/vineyard type stuff. I started picking at it and discovered it came off fairly easy. So I started tearing it down. Was all good when I was doing the border parts, it is already painted underneath. I was thinking man easy project. Well I got to the back wall which was full wallpaper and well it was not painted underneath, in fact it is just sheet rock. So I am at a standstill until I can convince my mom to come texture the wall for me. And since I am gonna have to paint, I think I am gonna paint the red part a new fresh color too. I thinking a blueish, greenish color. I'll post pictures when I complete it. This is how it looks as of now, hopefully it will be finished before to many month pass by!

On a side note I still haven't finished our kitchen make over. I need to paint the cabinets...yuck, maybe before next year!

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