Saturday, June 5, 2010

VBS, Liquid Gold, and a conquered goal!

VBS week is over. I had lots of fun working with the pre-kers again this year. They are funny, sweet, ornery, and interesting all rolled into one. Breeana got to attend this year. She enjoyed herself, but by Thursday was asking me, do we have to do this everyday. I'm thinking the school year might be challenging.

This week Sawyer also became extremely fussy and was crying like he was in pain. He fussed and cried through most of his feedings as well. I broke down and got him a doc appointment for Friday and took him in. Doctor K thinks may have a milk allergy (explains the fussiness, slight eczema, and xtreme gassiness he has). He suggested a formula change and now Saw is downing liquid gold aka allimemtum formula. I'm supposed to give the formula a few days and if he doesn't improve we will try giving him Zantac. He's had about 4 bottles of the new stuff and already seems so much better. We go back the 21st for his 4 month and we will see where to go from here.

I set out a couple weeks ago on my road to a new me adventure with the goal of running 1.7 miles by June 15. I have already conquered that goal. I went 2 miles last night in 27 minutes. Would like to get faster, buy I am proud of myself. New goal 3.1 miles by June 15 and my first 5k July 4th weekend!!

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Kara said...

You go girl! You are doing awesome! Glad Sawyer is doing better and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help this week! I love working with you and you make it so much fun!