Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the road to a new ME!

About 2 months ago my mom convinced me to start walking. I barely made it around the walking trail that day. I was SLOW and very winded when we were done. We did this a couple days and then mom was gone for two weeks. When she got back she would text me every morning the dreaded "are we walking" text and I would reluctantly agree
to go.

I worked my way up to 4 miles (not without a bunch of whining and griping to my mom) and mom would mention running. I told her I will walk but I refuse to run, it's just not in me and I won't do it! Well, a couple weeks ago while walking I saw my friend Michelle leaving the trail. When we got home I Facebooked her to see if she walked alone and if she would like to join us.

Anyway, she said yes and now I am doing what I said I'd never do. I ran 1.7 miles
today and I have plans to run a 5k in August and Michelle and I are going to attempt
Muddy Buddy in Dallas this October.

I'm still slow but I am on the road to a new ME and I love it!


Ashley said...

your doing good keep it up!

Kara said...

Keep it up girl, you are doing great! I will join you in late Oct, Nov :)

Hilary said...

That's great. Good luck! I bet the Muddy Buddy is a blast!