Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4 Month Check-Up

Sawyer had his 4 month check on the 21st. He did so good. Weighed in at 16.2 lbs and is 25 1/2 inches long. Jarrett was 16.11 lbs at this exact age. I thought Saw was bigger, but apparently not!

Doctor K says Saywer is right on track developmentally. He is a little lazy in the rolling over department, but so was his brother. We have to keep him on the liquid gold until he is 6 months and then we can "try" another formula. Doc says we will know within a couple bottles if he is ready for the change or not. We can also try and quit the Zantac on a month to month basis. We are almost due for a refill so I took him off of it for a day...didn't work out so well. We will go another month and try again.

He was so brave for his shots. The best shot taker by far. He smiled through the first shot, the second must of stung cause he cried a little bit. He was done as soon as I picked him up.
Doc also said we can start cereal. I had already tried a couple of times, but Mr. Saw was very uninterested. I tried again on Monday and he slaughtered it without even spitting any out. I'll feed him rice for a couple days then we will start veggies. I am a little concerned about possible allergies since he apparently has a milk allergy. I intend to actually do the whole try one food at a time thing with him. I never did with Bree or Jare, but they never showed any signs of allergies.


Jenna said...

Liquid gold...don't tell me you're using Neocate! We used that for Brayden and OHMYWORD was it expensive!

Just A Mommy said...

Here from Jenna's Journey... I hope you have a fabulous week this week!!! Jami

Stephanie said...

Popped over from Jenna's Journey...what adorable kids.

The Gava Family said...

Visiting from Jenna... love love the name Sawyer!

Janelle said...

How do you get him to take Zantac? My son would spit it out and if he got any down he would spit up right away. It was awful!

Tisha said...

@Jenna he is in similar alimentum maybe I should call it liquid silver compared to the one Brayden was on!
@Janelle never had a problem with him taking it, I just use the little 1ml syringe the pharmacy gave me I have however stopped giving him the meds since this post.