Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the road to a new ME!

I began this journey mid-April, but truly got serious about it the first part of May. I have been faithful in working out almost everyday for the past month +. My accomplishments so far:

*down 18 lbs since April 7. Most of this came off at the beginning of my journey. I've only lost like 2 lbs since I got serious which is sometimes frustrating.

*I've managed to kick my Dr. Pepper habit and am proud to say I can drink half a can every now and then and not become an immediate addict again!

*my measurements are down anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 inch depending on where I measure (waist, hips, etc. )

*I can now run 3 miles when I couldn't even go 1/4 mile in the past.

* First time I ran 2 miles I had a 13.19 min pace now on a good day I can do an 11.30 minute pace. Not fast by any means but better than my first try!

I can't believe I am actually enjoying running. I never thought I'd do it again after high school! I am pumped about my first 5k July 3. I have a race in August, muddy buddy Dallas in October (super nervous about this), and I am debating a 10k in December. Oh, I'm really thankful
for my training buddy Michelle. She keeps me going some days. I'm glad we usually have our I don't want to do this sluggish days at different times. Neither of us like to be out done so we will push ourselves
to stay with whoever is having the better day!

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