Monday, October 25, 2010

Muddy Buddy 2010

Run, Bike, Hills, Crawl, Climb, Balance, Slide, Mud Pit, Lake, Friends, Pictures, COUGHING, Laughing, Bruised, FINISHED!!!



Rocked (a. k. a. Finished)




Stroller Momma's and Sarah our fearless photographer. She seriously rolled out of bed to go to the race and still looks beautiful...wish I could do that!

Sugar Babies in the pit! (they placed 2nd in their age group!)

Chad & Mandy (shhh the Sugar Babies beat them by 13 secs!!!!)


After (I don't have to pee guess it's how I stand...taking note and plan to correct that habit)

War stories...actually I had mud in my eye and was deciding my best option to get it and my contact out...

...So into the cold lake it was! It actually felt good. I was sweaty and coughing!!

Had a blast, wish I hadn't been sick, happy I managed to drop almost 30 lbs. training for it, ready for next year!


Dawn said...

You're amazing!

Hilary said...

Way to go girls!!!! Looks like fun! and GO Sugar Babies! Awesome job ladies!