Monday, June 2, 2008

A Long Weekend!

Our weekend started out rocky. Breeana decided she would get sick, again, this started Thursday evening. She had fever Thursday night, all day Friday and Friday night. Since I am a procrastinator and have not gotten us in with any doctor around here, not that there are many to choose from, I decided to take her to Minor Emergency in Enid on Saturday. I was afraid she would get worse and I would have to figure something out. Anyway, it was one of those situations where if you don't take them, they will get really sick, and if you do they will seem fine the next day. I think she just needs me to spend money for her to get better! Today, Sunday, she has seemed fine, except for a cough that keeps her and me awake! I am giving her the meds anyway, to prevent further illness.

I am very much looking forward to this weekend, even though it is only very early Monday morning. My friend Robin and her son are meeting me in Stillwater on Friday to come spend a few days in the big town of WOODWARD!!! Then Ashley is throwing me a baby shower on Saturday, which Kassie and Jennifer are coming to (Ashley's sister and cousin). As some of you know I went into labor at my baby shower for Bree, Kassie and Jennifer were there for that too, so we shall see what the weekend holds!!!! Then on the 9th my aunt and cousin are coming to spend a week with me I believe. So I should be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks!!!!

That is about all for now! Hope all of you bloggers and blog readers are doing well!! Have a great week!!!!

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Kara said...

We missed you guys yesterday...hope Bree gets better soon!