Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We just hung out at home this weekend. We had a cook-in on Monday, because it decided to rain on us right before we started cooking. It was just going to be Mom, Dad, Scott, Bree, and I so we invited Ryan, James, Wyatt, and Tyler over to eat with us. I think Breeana has a little crush on Wyatt, she get so excited every time she sees him, I wish I would have gotten some pics of them playing together!
This picture has nothing to do with Memorial Day, but Scott says I never post any pics of him with Bree so this is just for him! Notice he doesn't look at the camera, maybe that is why I don't post them, he never looks at the camera!
I just thought this was a cute pic, she was taking care of Ernie. She laid in the floor and made me put the blanket on both of them. The green binkie in the floor was for Ernie, I convinced her to take hers out long enough to get a smile! I plan to start taking the bink from her in the in the next couple of weeks, wish me luck, she sucks on one and holds another to go to sleep, well sometimes she hold like 5 of them, I know bink-a-holic! Anyway hopefullly we will have success before Jarrett arrives, but if we don't I have decided it is not that big of a deal, even though before I had her I swore she wouldn't have a binkie after she was 1!


Hilary said...

Oh how we eat our words after kids. I feel you on the binky business. I have had big time binkie lovers.

Kara said...

I will be thinking of you on the binky business...send her over to mean ms. kara's house and that lady will just take it away:)