Monday, May 5, 2008

OKC Trip

We had a lot of fun on our trip to OKC. We left Friday around 11. We did some shopping when we got there and ate dinner and then went to our hotel because Bree was worn out. She had been talking about the swimming pool at the hotel all day and was ready to get in. Well, that is about all she did, after about 5 seconds she had enough and wanted out. I think she prefers wading pools! She was a little hard to get to sleep because she was so excited about her Mema and Papaguy and the Zoo. We got to the zoo around 10:30 on Saturday. I must say it was the fastest I have ever gotten through the zoo, not because we were in a hurry, but all Bree wanted to do was run and run and run some more. I am thankful her Mema and Papaguy were there to chase her, I couldn't keep up.
I guess Scott and I should've filled in the other O and the 0 with our faces!!!

She started out scared of these statues, she is so weird about somethings!

Out of all the animals this lizard of some sort and a orange and white snake got her attention the longest. Why she likes reptiles I don't know, but she wanted to hold the snake...YUCK!

This is one of my favorites at the zoo. I really enjoyed the Big Cat walk through and we were really close to this tiger! All of the animals were out and pretty playful, I have never been to the zoo when I got to see everything and they were all playing.

I just thought this was cute, she ducked under a map table for a little break from all the running!

I don't know if she got over her fear of statues or if she just liked this one because it was a monkey, but she hugged all over it!

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Kara said...

Dont' you think those statues are kind of weird. Anyway, it looks like she had tons of fun! I love taking the kids to the zoo...hopefully our weekend turns out as good as yours!