Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well we are going to have a garage sale on Saturday! If you know anyone who has a little girl younger than Bree or is expecting a girl send them my way. We have size 0-24months clothes, baby blankets, etc. My mom and grandma have brought some of their clothes over and we will have various odds and ends!

Bree and I went to the doctor today. She has an ear infection and a cold again. She started running fever last night and has had it all day and is extremely whiny, needless to say momma is tired! Anyway hopefully the medicine will start working soon! Doc Evans says my placenta is still low, but shouldn't be a problem with delivery. However, baby is breech at this point. I have to see Doc Evans next Friday at 7:30 am (he has a c-section that day at the hospital) then I will start going to Stillwater after that.

That's about all for now, hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

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