Monday, May 12, 2008

Americas Next Top Model??? And Ryan Wayne Copeland

Last Wednesday Ashley and I were watching America's Next Top Model. I had given Bree a bath and was trying to get her into her jammies, but she had other plans. I got her in her pull-up (which we no longer have to use, not even for bedtime or traveling!!!!) and she found her boots and put them on, then perched herself on this little stool and started posing for us!!! Do you think she could be the next top model?? I do!!!!

We went to Glenpool this weekend to see my new nephew, Ryan Wayne. He is 2 1/2 weeks old. I really wasn't to thrilled about the drive, but we made it there and back just fine!

He sleeps all the time, just like his cousin Bree did, I didn't manage to get a pic with his eyes open!

This is my niece Kimmy, she loves her little brother!!! She is so funny, she jabbers constantly! Sometimes we know what she is saying, but I have determined she just likes to hear herself!

I had an ultrasound today. Doc Evans wanted to check the position of my placenta since it was low at my last ultrasound. The tech seemed to think it had moved up. My little man was pretty uncooperative, he wanted to stay scrunched in a little ball. He is doing well, and already has a head full of hair, which explains why even water gives me heartburn:)


Mandy said...

Oh, I feel your pain on the heartburn thing. I had it horribly with Ben. And then he was born with a HEADFUL of black hair!!

Hilary said...

Those pics of Bree posing are hilarious. She may be on the runway someday. Congrats on your nephew. Glad you had a safe trip.