Saturday, July 26, 2008

Missing Home

The kids and I have now been away from home for a week... We left last Saturday to go to Paden and be with family after the death of my Uncle. The service went well and there was a full honor guard graveside. I have never seen this in person only on the movies so it was really neat. Well what I saw from the truck anyway. I had to stay in with Bree and Jarrett it was extremely hot!

Anyway, I decided it was better to just go to Glenpool from there on Wed. because we were coming here Friday anyway for my niece Kimmy's 2nd Birthday, and why make the kids ride 4 hours and turn around and do it again if I didn't have to.

It has been fun and Bree has had a blast, but I am ready to come home. Another plus it Jarrett has slept in a crib for the past 4 nights, so when we get home he is going in his room and sleep in his crib instead of a bassinet!!!! YEAH!!

I will post pictures of the kids and their cousins when I get home! Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend!!

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