Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I think she gets it from her Uncle Nane...

Her inability to take a picture without being silly or uncooperative that is. I decided today to make my kids sit in front of our tree and try and get some pics for our Christmas cards. I know pushing it to get them out, but I've been a little busy, okay lazy!

There are several more pics of her with various faces, squinted eye smiles, etc., but these were a couple of my favs...

Trying to see Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I am taking her pic.

Would have been cute aside from the scrunched cheek and looking away from the camera.

This was one of the best, those little eyes all scrunched up.

Now for Jarrett. He was sitting up and fell backward, my camera was not successful at getting him sitting up, yes I am blaming it on the camera, not me!
One of the few without his little fingers or fists jammed in his mouth!

They were more cooperative when together!

Love this one even though he is chewing on my blanket!

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Ashley said...

Those are really cute!!!