Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

*Warning #1* Lot's of Pictures
*Warning #2* We (well not I) Deer Hunt on Thanksgiving week and some of the pics are of that, if you don't agree with deer hunting don't read this blog!
Mom, Dad, the kids, and I left for Paden on Thursday 11/20, when we arrived at my Nan's house at 10 pm Bree and Poppy were a little hungry so they decided to eat some Fruit Loops!
Sunday afternoon Ashley, the kids, and I traveled on to Glenpool. Ashley and I got out hair done and eyebrows waxed by my friend, Ashley's cousin Jennifer, Thanks Jen!!! While we were there Jarrett and Bree got some lovin' from their Mema and Papa. Then we went to lunch, Jarrett tagged along for this, he's a handful so I rescued mema and let him go with.
After our fun in Glenpool on Monday we headed back to Paden. This is Bree's new thing any advice on how to get her to stop is welcome!
Of course we did a lot of eating the entire week not just on Thanksgiving. This cake holder was filled atleast 5 or 6 times I know!

And who made all of the delicious desserts and food, why my goofy Nan of course. She had a little helper named Bree also. Bree made my Pa dinner one night it was flour water and old pecans mixed in a little butter bowl. He passed on eating it!

Breeana napped from 4 to 7 almost everyday and went back to bed around 10 almost everyday. Running outside, digging in dirt, feeding turkeys, petting horses, cooking, etc. can wear a girl out!

We watched alot of RFD-TV my pa's favorite channel. I think this particular show was about alpacca farming!


The fearless hunters in our family are Shane, Cousin Andy, Cousin T.J., Uncle Scott,Pa, Mom, Dad, Scott, and James (Scott's Dad). All together I think they got 13 or so deer this year. My Hubby got 2 and I will post pics of them later, they are on his phone not mine. Mom and Dad came up empty handed :( , Andy got a 10 point, etc. etc. We are always ready to hear a good hunting story when the hunters get back, the best one this year came from My brother and Andy!

We were all in the house messing around when my mom came in and said, Shane got a buck you gotta here the story. Now he could have come in and told us, but we all scrambled to get shoes and a coat on and headed outside to gather around the kill is if it were a campfire.

Shane telling the story... All I remember is a lot of walking and stopping and looking, shooting some tree limbs, a deer running at them, Andy hiding behind a tree, and a dead deer. If you want the whole story ask shane I am sure he will tell it!

Even the little ones didn't want to miss out on a good story!

OH and one more picture...Now let me just tell you, all week my brother told us "I am holding out for the big one" And now I give you the picture of My Brother's "Big One"

Drum Roll Please

2 Pt. on one side and either a broken antler or a nub on the other!!!! But the story was worth it!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving I did!!! Can't wait for next year!

****The hunting warning was b/c I was going to post a pic of Shane and Andy Skinning the deer, but opted not to.


Hilary said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! We will miss all you guys too. I know Hollace will miss Bree. Our house is for sale, by the way. You should come look...

Go For It! said...

Well said Tish! I wouldn't trade our time in Paden for anything I can think of and I am looking forward to the next time we gather there too! Thanks for posting your story. As for Shane's BIG ONE... LOL!!!!