Monday, December 15, 2008


Wow 3 posts in one night!!!!

This is usually how my mom ends up if she is holding Jarrett. Bree has to be held too. She is so jealous!!! Only of Nonny, Daddy, Nane, Ash, Mema, well okay, anyone but me. I am usually the one she tells Nonny to hand brother too. Anyway, I thought this was a cute pic of my mom and her grandbabies!

Question: How is Nonny going to hold 3 grandbabies all at the same time? You know come July when my wonderful Neice or Nephew is born...maybe I will just hold him/her all the time!!!!!

I cropped Bree out of this one. She was making a really ugly face. Plus this way I have a good picture of just mom and brother bear. They are few and far between with Miss Jealousy around!

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