Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sawyer 15 Month Check Up

We were in the waiting room for an hour today at the Doctor's office. Sawyer was so good. He played peekaboo,

built with blocks, read books, and entertained all the ladies in the waiting room.

Weight 26.6 lbs 50% (I guessed more like 30 lbs)
Height 31 inches 50%

Jarrett at 15 months
Weight 22.8 lbs
Height 31 3/4 inches

He has some spots of eczema, a yeast rash in the diaper area likely caused by the last antibiotic he was on, and ringworm. Doc said the ringworm was likely due to his age and the fact that we have an indoor/outdoor dog that Saw absolutely loves and hangs all over. Said not to worry just treat it.

Doctor K had a student observing today. As they walked in he said to her, " and now I'd like you to meet my happiest patient. I've never seen him not smiling!" And Sawyer didn't make a liar of him! He cheesed it up, didn't even cry when he got shots.

Sawyer still isn't talking much. He can say Momma, more, and Dada. However I may be the only one who knows what he says! He jabbers all the time so he will talk more soon I think.
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