Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red Dirt 2011

59 minute 13 seconds of fun this morning at 8:30 am. Never thought I'd consider a 6 mile ride/run fun but I do!

Michelle was again willing to be my partner. I think she's the only one crazy enough to do all these races with me!

Anyway we had a blast. I think all my readers, all like 3 of you (Ashley, Dawn, Kara) should find partners and do this race next year!

Before the Race

This is our muddy buddy/red dirt pose we must do it at these races now!

Finishing the race. That water felt do good, it was hot out there!

Getting cleaned up.

I was thinking maybe we shouldn't attempt muddy buddy in Dallas this year, but after this race...I'm rethinking that!

Next Race...Firecracker 5k July 2!!!
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Dawn said...

I'm sorry but I'd need a brain transplant to consider that! But thanks for thinking of me! I've hated exercise since the day I was born and have no desire to change! Lazy, I know