Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Monday

It's been a great day! Scott got a call that he starts his new job Wednesday. He's way excited and it make me happy that he's excited!

Was talking to my brother this morn via text. He was having a bad morning. Sent a picture of this early riser to him to make him smile.

Snuck this picture of Saw during his nap time. He's so sweet!

The insurance company decided Jarrett needed a new car seat after our little accident. His side got hit. I went ahead and got Saw one to match Jarrett's. Saws is now our back up/extra. They sat in them for the longest time today. It was pretty cute.

A friend on Dailymile posted this picture today.

It made me think of Michelle! She goes along with all my "stupid" running ideas. I'm currently trying to convince her we need to do the half iron man next year! Took me awhile to talk her into a marathon. When we conquer that in November she will be ready for another challenge.

Bree has a new favorite song. It's by Victoria Justice of Disney's Victorious. It's called My Best Friends Brother. There us a music video. Bree almost has the dance moves and lyrics down. I caught her on video and I'll try to figure our how to post it later. She's gonna be a star someday!!!
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