Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School, Devotions, Life :)

School officially started yesterday. With that comes new schedules and a little stress until its all figured out and everyone finds their groove and settles in.

Miss Bree is now a big 1st grader!

She told me her first day was wonderful. But full of learning classroom rules and such. Her year is starting out with a terrible allergy cough, but she has been a trooper and hopefully it will go away soon!

Jarrett is attending Free Spirit Preschool M W F from
8:15-11 with his best buddy Cole.

He finally talked to be about school last night during our devotion time. He says the read a story and had to be quite so they wouldn't wake up the bear.

I hope both my kids have a wonderful fun year and learn lots!

Mr. Saw has been sick since Saturday with fever but is much better today. I think he enjoys have all his toys to himself 3 mornings a week. He doesn't get mommy all to himself though. I'm keeping this cutie through the school year.

I mentioned our devotion time earlier. I got this awesome book that had 5 min devotions. Each night is about a different animal. The kids loved it and enjoyed discussing it at the end.

Example devotion.

Awana begins next week and I get a whole new crew of Puggles. I think it's gonna be an ornery bunch, but I'm sure we will have lots of fun.

I think that's all for now!

(I don't have any pictures of Sawyer on my phone from the past couple weeks do my next post will be all about him.)

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