Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tongue Tied No More

Jarrett was born tongue tied (tight frenulum). I've asked about getting it fixed several times the past few years, but always told let's wait and see if it stretches on its own. At his 4 year old appointment I insisted we get referred to an ENT to get it fixed. Poor guy couldn't lick his lips or an ice cream cone. I was also worried about his speech.

So today was the day. We went to OKC yesterday afternoon to stay the night. Jare had to be at the surgery center by 6:30 am.

Here are Scott and Bree while we wait.

Jare and I snuggling before the feel good medicine they gave him.

A little bit of a daze after the meds.

The surgery went well. The nurses all told us how sweet he is. He fooled them that's for sure!
As we were leaving Jare said "I just want my tongue to feel normal." It was numbed up pretty good.

My mom and dad came to the surgery to give Sawyer back to us. He'd been with them since Friday. I missed him so much!

Jarrett sacked out on the way home. Poor guy was so brave today!

Our only challenge so far is finding him food that doesn't "hurt". He's in a growth spurt I think and always starving. Hoping he's back to normal tomorrow.

We will probably get to do this all over again with Sawyer when he turns 4! Still trying to figure out why my boys were born tongue tied but not Bree!

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