Wednesday, January 30, 2013

October 2012

I have been neglecting my blog so I'm going to play catch up!
October was a fun month. We went to Paden on Fall Break.

Sawyer and I hung out with Jaxxi and Ashley. We shopped, ate, and played at the park.

Bree and Jarrett went to Branson with Non and Pop. They had so much fun! Silver Dollar City was a big hit!

Halloween is always a fun part of October. This year I trick or treated with an OU cheerleader, Tow Mater, and Spider-Man!

The kids also had their first dentist visits this year. Yes I know Bree is 6, I procrastinate. And I'm glad because up until now I wouldn't have got her in that chair. Jarrett and Bree got good reports no cavities. Sawyer, however, had 1 small cavity.

It was interesting taking all 3 at once all by myself. Probably wont do that again.
Also this month Scott got a promotion at work, but it was also a transfer so we will be moving as soon as our house sales Woodward.
- Tisha

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