Thursday, October 22, 2009

Misc. Update Post

Family Update:

We finally got the van back! I think Bree is the most relieved and excited about this!

We are moved into our new to us home and are absolutely loving it. We have so much more room and the kids really enjoy their playroom. (I will post pictures this weekend) Oh thanks Mom, Dad, John, James, and my Aunt Sandy for helping us get all moved in.

Living Room (my hubby added the ceiling fan there was no light so it has really brightened things up!)



Bree's Room!!!

Fell in love with this fan had to have it for her!

Still have to paint Jarrett's room and do some work on my bathroom, but it is coming along!

We are excited to have our puppy BOOMER living with us now and not at mom and dads. Bree drags him around all day and Boomer hides from Jarrett most of the time, wonder why!

Jarrett Update:

He had his 15 month well baby check this week. He is 31 3/4 inches (75%) 22.8 lbs (20%). He also got 3 shots :( I think Bree cried more for him than he did!
Learned to jump up and down with both feet off the ground. (so cute!)
New favorite word "Booma"
Vacuum's with his play vacuum almost all day everyday.
Not much new, she got her haircut and did such a good job. I'll try and get a good picture and post it later. She has just been busy being ornery and taking care of her puppy.

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Dawn said...

Your kids are so cute, love your new house, and are your mom and dad as happy to have the puppy living with you as you are?