Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas #1 2009

We had our first Christmas gathering this weekend! I spent the most of it passing a kidney stone so I was kinda out of it on pain meds, but did manage to enjoy myself as much as possible.

We got to see these people and huck-a-bear for a couple days. Breeana was glued to them as usual! They also took Boomer back home with them for us. Getting a puppy not my best idea...I think Bree was allergic to him and she only liked him about and hour out of the day. There is a lady interested in buying him, but if she doesn't Shane and Ashley have offered to give him a home with his cousin HUCK!!! I am thankful they wanted him!
I was in stage looking for Ashley a gift and saw this shirt and had to get it for Shane, I think it fits his personality quite well!

The kids had fun opening their gifts. Jarrett was a little distracted by his toy basket in Nonny's living room, but Bree ripped into her gifts like a pro!

My parents got Scott and I a deep freeze. I know it sounds like a boring Christmas gift, but we needed it so bad and I love it! We had 2 refrigerators at the rent house. Ours and the one already there so we had some extra freezer space. So we really needed the deep freeze in the new house!

We had a fun weekend and now we are getting ready to head to Tulsa this weekend! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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Dawn said...

A freezer is a great gift and you're really a grown up (maybe, I'm not sure if I am yet :)) when you're happy with an appliance!